Smart City

Iplace platform can be used to collect data from multiple sensors deployed around the city. At the same time, it allows the integration of all systems and acting on any device remotely

This achieves an optimization of the operation of all the systems and the interpellation between them. Likewise, it allows an integral monitoring by the managing bodies of the city.

Smart Waste Management

iPlace is integrated with container filling sensors, RFID readers for identification of users, garbage weighing systems, and has among its communication protocols, technologies that allow the transmission of data with very low battery consumption and in real time. Besides allowing the monitoring of the status of the containers, it allows the integration with the MSW transports to optimize the collection routes based on the data obtained by the monitoring system.
EIn this area, iPlace is the platform chosen for the development of the project called COMPAKBIN in cooperation with Ferrovial Servicios
, Formato Verde and FrutoDS

It is an eco-efficient solution to achieve the paradigm shift in the management of the current MSW. This will involve citizens, administrations and collection companies to achieve a better recycling, thanks to the intelligence of all the systems that intervene in the project

Smart Public Lighting Management

iPlace can monitor and act on public lighting infrastructures through the implementation of their PLCs at the head of the switchboard.With this system it is possible to monitor and control the electrical consumption of the switchgear, the switching off / on of the lighting, the thermal drop and differential of the switchgear generating alerts and notifications directly to the maintenance service, the activation by astronomical positioning, and other parameters of interest.

Thanks to this system it is possible to achieve an important saving in the costs of each switchboard, since it is not necessary to have activation systems by astronomical clock, or other accessory systems to the switchboard. In addition, it allows the maintainer to know any drop of the system and also the managers to respond quickly to any incident in the lighting systems.

Success Story: Cabana de Bergantiños

Smart Energy Systems Management

iPlace can be used as real-time monitoring platform to support energy operations.

Acting in forecasting the demand (electricity and gas), forecasting the generation of renewable energies, optimizing the functioning of the systems, etc. they help to optimize energy consumption within a city, making its operation more sustainable.

Monitoring and environmental management

With iPlace you can easily integrate gas, particle and noise sensors, and visualize them all within the same platform without the need for independent systems. Thanks to the data handling capacity of iPlace and the possibility of sharpening rules, you can obtain a comprehensive solution for environmental monitoring and performance in other systems in the city, such as information panels, as well as send notifications and alerts for pollution.

Smart Irrigation Management

CBy combining different humidity sensors and the iPlace weather forecast you can build a smart irrigation system to efficiently manage water and track consumption. This will allow:

• Reduce water consumption.

• Track consumption and facilitate water pricing.

• Detecting unauthorized water consumption.

Gestión inteligente de sistemas portuarios

IPlace allows to know in real time the consumption of water and electricity in docks of nautical clubs allowing the individualized billing for each boat. It also serves as a monitoring tool allowing users to turn on and off their power and water outlets remotely and in real time. In addition, information from environmental sensors and monitoring of ship systems can be included within the application.

✔ Smart Management

✔ IOS and Android

✔ Access Control Integrated

✔ Plug & Play

What is iPlace Public?

iPlace Public is the verticalization of the iPlace solution, which allows the management, control and monitoring of all the facilities of a town hall or public institution from a single place.

iPlace Public helps optimize the proper operation of your facilities. Using a single application it provides you absolute control of energy installations on public buildings (swimming pools, cultural places, administrative buildings, etc.), the management of public lighting switchboard, the management and minimization of incidents and the statistical analysis and exploitation of all data for the improvement of day-to-day management.


  • Real-time control
  • Intuitive, easy to use
  • Friendly graphic WEB interface
  • Multiuser, Multistation and Multiplatform
  • Unified communications
  • Integration with ERP and Business Intelligence
  • Information Analysis and Tools
  • Security and control
  • Mobile Interface (IOS, Android)


  • Eficiencia y gestión energética de edificios e instalaciones públicas
  • Efficiency and energy management of buildings and public facilities
  • Monitor and control the buildings operations and maintenance management through alerts and alarms
  • Alarms of different systems/sensors
  • Sensor notifications
  • Smart irrigation management in parks and gardens from a single place
  • Monitor and control of water supply and sewerage pumping facilities.
  • Integrated access control

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