How does iPlace work?

The use of iplace is easy and intuitive, after a few simple steps you can control almost everything you want.

iPlace Structure

1. Connect any type of device

• Devices of any kind: sensors, actuators, portals, machines, etc…

• Basically, any hardware that offers connectivity to the Internet or another communication protocol (RS485, RS232, etc.) is a good solution.

• People, animals, objects or machines … choose what you want and start your Internet of Things project thanks to iPlace.

• In addition, iPlace has several physical devices already integrated and optimized, which allow the reading of all kinds of values (temperature, humidity, energy, etc.) and the performance on all types of outputs (both digital and analog).

2. Send data to iPlace using our communication API

• Use our API to enter or extract data from iPlace.

• Fast and easy! You only need an Internet connection.

• Apikeys, checksums and HTTPS protocol for security.

• All kinds of data! Temperatures, complex sensor readings, custom data flows, etc.

• We store it in our database for you.

3. Set the control panel and adjust it to your needs

• iPlace has a very flexible Web platform that is easily adaptable to any scenario.

• The elements will be structured in hierarchical sections without depth limit.

• Monitoring in real time and very visual.

• It has mobile applications for both iOS and Android.